George Zimmerman & Trayvon Martin

Murder case in the state of Florida |

In this case, which received international attention, we were engaged by the defence to provide an expert assessment of speech evidence submitted.  This testimony was entered into a Frye hearing on the admissibility of speech evidence where one sample featured distress screams.  Using our experience and knowledge, and relying on research carried out in partnership with the University of York, we provided a number of conclusions which were put forward by Prof French via video-link.  The Judge ruled in favour of the defence, stating:

Defense witness Dr. French, regarded as an international expert in the field of forensic speech analysis, has worked in the field since the late 1980′s. The Court found the testimony of Dr. French to be the most compelling of the witnesses presented.

June, 2013; Seminole court (Eighteenth Judicial Circuit Court of Florida), Sanford, FLA.
Instructed by the defence, provided deposition and appeared in court.