Our scientific staff consists of principal forensic experts and consultants who have experience of thousands of cases. Our practice administrator is in charge of case management and forms the primary point of contact for clients. All of our senior scientific staff are qualified experts in their field with security clearance status. We hold ourselves to the highest technical and ethical standards and always ensure that our work is subject to rigorous quality control.

Dr Richard Rhodes

Senior Forensic Consultant

Sarah Ford

Practice Administrator

Edie Murray

Forensic Casework Assistant

Dr Katherine Earnshaw

Forensic Consultant

Bryony Nuttall

Forensic Caseworker


We have a range of consultants who we can work with on specialist areas including acoustic analysis, authentication and other languages. Please note that our part-time consultants work exclusively for J P French Associates in forensic cases. Any independent enquiries will be re-directed to the main office.

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