The Submission Process

Our Process



Get in touch with our team of experts to discuss your requirements.


Transfer of audio

Send us the most original versions of the recordings, either via our online sharing platform or by tracked delivery.



We will screen the recordings for suitability within 1-2 weeks of receipt.



We will provide a cost and time estimate within 1-2 weeks after we have received all the audio material.



You should review the estimate in line with your case requirements. We require written authorisation to proceed with the work.



Our team of experts will proceed with analysis and provide a report within 12 weeks*.

*Our standard turnaround time is 12 weeks from the point of financial authorisation. This timescale is subject to change depending on staff capacity, current workload and the specific requirements of your case. We may be able to accommodate urgent deadlines, but this will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Our Requirements

Please provide the following information as early as possible to avoid delays. We will assess if we have all this information in stage three of our process.

  • Confirmation that all recordings are in their best/most original format
  • Name of suspect and/or operation name
  • Dates and times of all recordings
  • Exhibit reference numbers for all recordings (if applicable)
  • Information on how the recordings have been recorded, downloaded and transferred from the original recording device
  • MG21 form (if applicable)
  • Critical dates (e.g., trial dates, hearings etc.)

What to expect from J P French Associates

Independent opinion

We offer independent, expert evidence for both the prosecution and defence. We have a bias management procedure in place to ensure that our evidence remains independent and impartial.

Written report

We produce a written report for every case detailing our methodology, conclusions, checking procedure and limitations. The reports can be tendered in evidence and are always checked by another suitably qualified expert.

Expert testimony

All of our consultants are trained to give expert testimony in court. We provide this service for both the prosecution and the defence, across international jurisdictions and various types of court.

As with all forensic work, there are limitations to what we are capable of providing. Read more about the limitations and what not to expect as as result of speech and audio forensic analysis.