R -v- Shujah Mahmood

Trial for the ‘fertiliser bomb’ plot |

J P French Associates prepared a critique of an existing transcript and provided the court with a transcription in this case.  The transcripts were made using covert recordings made of the suspects.

Central Criminal Court (Old Bailey), November 2006

Instructed by the Defence.  Produced reports, transcripts and gave evidence in person.

The Bloody Sunday Inquiry

Public inquiry into the Bloody Sunday massacre |

J P French Associates were instructed to transcribe and authenticate a number of key recordings in this inquiry.  The analysis revealed that a number of the items for analysis had been edited or redacted and that transcripts may have been produced from different exhibits.

Public Inquiry into events in Londonderry on Sunday, 1998-2010.
Instructed by the Saville Commission.  Produced reports.