Melnychenko recordings

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Analysis of the ‘Cassette Scandal’ tapes in the Ukraine |

J P French Associates were appointed to an international group of experts investigating the authenticity of audio recordings allegedly implicating President Leonid Kuchma of Ukraine in the murder of journalist Georgiy Gongadze and in sale of high technology radar systems to Iraq in violation of UN sanctions.

Instructed by Ministry of Justice, Kyiv, Ukraine. May 2004.
Produced report.

R -v- Ian Huntley & Maxine Carr

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The ‘Soham Twins murders’ |

We were instructed in this case to analyse telephone calls between the defendant Maxine Carr and family members made while she was in prison.  We were first engaged to enhance the evidential recordings and also to transcribe the speech.

Central Criminal Court, Old Bailey, London.  November & December, 2003.
Instructed by the Defence for Ms Carr.  R

R -v- Major Charles Ingram, Tecwen Whittock & Diana Ingram

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The ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire?’ coughing trial |

J P French Associates provided key evidence in the trial of the three defendants accused of defrauding Celador’s famous television series.  By investigating the acoustic properties of the ‘Millionaire’ recordings, the placement of microphones and by making testing recordings in the TV studio, our analysts were able to provide an approximate location of the suspect cougher.

Southwark Crown Court, London, March & April, 2003.
Instructed by the Crown. Produced report and gave evidence in the witness box.

R -v- Anthony O’Doherty

Landmark case in setting legal precedents for forensic speech analysis |

J P French Associates produced voice comparison evidence in the defendant’s appeal against convictions for aggravated burglary and causing GBH with intent. This case provided a new legal precedent in the UK for how forensic speech analysts should compare voice samples.

Northern Ireland Court of Criminal Appeal, Belfast, 2002.

Instructed by Director of Public Prosecutions, Belfast.  Produced report and attended court.

R -v- Michael Stone

Analysis of disputed utterance in ‘Russell murders’ trial

J P French Associates were instructed to analyse a disputed part of a police interview with Michael Stone, where it was suggested he said his clothes from the time of the attack were all ‘burnt’.  The analysis revealed that the other interpretation ‘gone’ was better supported by the acoustic evidence.

Nottingham Crown Court, 2001.

Instructed by the Defence.  Produced report.

United Nations -v- General Radislav Krstic

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The International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia at The Hague |

General Radislav Krstic was found guilty of Genocide, Crimes Against Humanity and Violations of the Laws or Customs of War.  J P French Associates carried out speaker comparison using recordings of Gen Krstic, producing reports and giving evidence at the Hague for the first of these UN ICTY tribunal cases to pass a sentence for genocide.

The International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, The Hague, 2001.
Instructed by the United Nations.  Produced reports and gave evidence in person.

R -v- Woodgate, Bowyer, Clifford, Duberry & Others

Leeds United footballers’ trial for racial assault |

J P French Associates produced an enhanced version of recordings from prison cells between some of the (former) Leeds United footballers following an alleged racial assault in Leeds.  Further to this, we also transcribed the evidential materials for the courts.

Hull Crown Court, 2000.
Instructed by the Crown.  Produced report and transcript.

State of Mauritius -v- Sir Bhinod Bacha

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Murder trial of the former Head of Civil Service of Mauritius |

J P French Associates were engaged to authenticate telephone intercept recordings provided on an audio cassette tape to a Judge.

Supreme Court of Mauritius, Port Luis, 1996.
Instructed by the Defence.  Produced report and gave evidence in the witness box.

R -v- David Harold Eastman

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Murder of Assistant Commissioner of Australian Federal Police |

We produced a transcription of whispered material and gave expert testimony for the Australian Supreme Court in this trial for the murder of one of Australia’s leading policemen.

Supreme Court, Canberra, 1995.
Instructed by Director of Public Prosecutions, Australian Capital Territory.  Produced transcript, report and gave evidence in the witness box.