We provide the following forensic services based on specialist knowledge, training and years of direct experience analysing voices and audio recordings. Please contact us if you need any further information or advice relating to the requirements of your case.

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Speaker Comparison


Questioned Utterance Analysis

Speaker Profiling



Speech Content Analysis

Digital Audio Services

Specialist Training


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Speaker comparison

Analysis of voice and speech patterns across recordings to assess the strength of evidence that a voice in a recording belongs to a known speaker; also called forensic voice comparison or voice recognition.


The production of transcripts of usually poor quality or covert recordings for investigative or evidential purposes.

Questioned utterance analysis

When evidential transcripts cover a very key or unclear section of speech, detailed acoustic analysis can help to establish what has been said in a specific area of a recording.

Speaker profiling

Analysis of recordings of an unknown speaker to reveal information about regional or language background, or any other aspects of identity which may be apparent from speech.

Earwitness identification

Consultation and advice in relation to assessing the ability of witnesses to recognise voices.



Investigation of recordings for evidence of editing and tampering and determination of the circumstances in which they were made (time, date, physical location). 


The digital processing of recordings to remove noise, change levels and improve the intelligibility of speech.

Digital Audio Services

Retrieval or transfer of audio materials from physical or digital exhibits and providing edited or compilation audio exhibits for investigations or court purposes.


We have delivered tailor-made training sessions, CPD courses and practical seminars across the UK and internationally. Staff at J P French Associates have also played a central role in delivering the Masters course in Forensic Speech Science at the University of York.

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