Asfah Bhagdin

Asfah BhagdinAsfah Bhagdin (BA MA PGCE) is an affilliate of J P French Associates.  She is a native speaker of English, Urdu and Panjabi and works mainly within the areas of transcription, speaker comparison and disputed content analysis.

Case Experience

Asfah Bhagdin worked for J P French Associates since 2003 and specialises in producing evidential transcripts.  She has given expert evidence on Pakistani/Indian English and Mirpuri, Panjabi and Urdu in the Crown Court, including the Central Criminal Court (the Old Bailey) in terrorist, drugs and murder cases.   She has also given evidence in the Sindh High Court, Karachi (court removed to England to hear expert evidence).


BA Language studies with Psychology, University of Leeds
MA Language and Linguistic Science, University of York
PGCE, University of Leeds

Positions and memberships

Forensic consultant, J P French Associates, York
Teaching Fellow, Dept of Language & Linguistic Science, University of York

Solicitor’s firm (responsibilities included taking witness statements in Panjabi and Urdu and translating them into English as well as interpreting in court.)
Lecturer of English and Urdu/Panjabi-English interpreter, Young Offenders’ Institution

Member of the International Association for Forensic Phonetics and Acoustics


Asfah Bhagdin has provided training for a number of organisations including the Netherlands Forensic Institute and various police forces – specialising in the transcription of poor quality and/or difficult material.  In particular, she has provided advice for the benefit of translators and interpreters who are recruited by the police to transcribe poor quality material.