J P French Associates are experts at producing forensic transcripts of recordings for investigations or for use in court.  We have experience working with poor quality and covertly made recordings which are often difficult to transcribe.  Using a range of techniques and the best equipment, we have produced high-quality transcripts for a wide range of clients. Our consultants can provide transcripts in a number of languages.


J P French Associates will digitally transfer recordings from a range of audio devices and formats.  In cases of very poor quality, we may utilise audio enhancement to improve the intelligibility of speech.  The expert will transcribe and attribute speech by repeated listening using high-quality equipment, based on their knowledge of speech varieties and familiarity with the speakers.  If particularly important parts of the recording are still unclear, our staff have experience in using acoustic analysis in order to establish questioned content.

In all cases, at least two experts will be involved in preparing a transcript.  In cases involving foreign languages, JPFA will use a trained consultant who specialises in that variety.


We can provide transcripts in the following languages and dialects.  We can also work with other languages on request.

Panjabi, Urdu, Mirpuri, Hindi, Bengali/Sylheti, Turkish, Arabic, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Polish, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, Chinese – various dialects


In transcription cases our experts will produce transcripts either for investigative purposes or will exhibit their transcripts for the court.  A report will also be produced detailing how the transcripts and attributions were made and the members of staff who worked on them.

Case examples

J P French Associates have produced transcripts in thousands of cases, including the high-profile examples in our archive.

Further information

Other terms include: transcribing, translation, attribution, forensic transcript