Audio enhancement

Enhancement involves digitally processing recordings to reduce noise, change levels or emphasise parts of the audio signal.  The purpose of this is usually to improve the intelligibility of speech in poor quality or noisy recordings.  We are experienced in producing enhanced audio recordings for investigative purposes, to assist when transcribing recordings or for playing in court.


Our enhancement work is carried out by a qualified acoustics expert with extensive experience.  The enhancement procedures at JPFA use a combination of high quality equipment and software which has been modified for forensic use.


Our scientific staff will produce a report detailing the procedures, equipment and software used. Enhanced recordings can be provided on various media, including audio CD, data CD or DVD.

Case examples

JPFA routinely perform enhancement for a range of clients, some high-profile cases are shown in our example cases archive.

Further Information

Other terms include: filtering, noise reduction, clean recording, audio signal processing