Forensic services

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We provide forensic services based on specialist knowledge, training and years of casework experience.  The specific tasks we carry out are summarised below with further information available for each task.  Please contact us if you need any further information relating to the requirements of a case.

Speech and voice analysis

Speaker comparison – comparing voice and speech patterns across recordings to assess the probability that they are produced by the same speaker.  Sometimes referred to as forensic voice analysis, speaker recognition or voice identification.

Transcription – producing transcripts of (usually poor quality or covert) recordings for investigative or evidential purposes.  We can also transcribe and translate foreign language materials.

Questioned content analysis – detailed analysis of short sections of recordings to determine what was said.

Speaker profiling – analysing recordings of an unknown speaker to reveal information about regional or language background, or any other aspects of identity which may be apparent from speech.

Earwitness identification – consultation and advice in relation to carrying out voice parades or line-ups and the ability of witnesses to recognise voices.

Analysis of audio recordings

Authentication – the investigation of recordings for evidence of editing and tampering and determination of the circumstances in which they were made (time, date, physical location).

Enhancement – the processing of recordings to remove extraneous noises and improve the intelligibility of speech.

Sound source analysis – the analysis of sounds or speakers within recordings to determine their source or location.

Acoustic reconstruction – the investigation of sound propagation at crime scenes to assess issues of audibility and/or intelligibility of speech and other sounds.

Digital audio services – retrieval or transfer of audio materials from physical or digital exhibits and providing edited or compilation audio exhibits for investigations or court purposes.


Training and consultation – we are happy to offer courses and consultation on areas within our expertise.