J P French Associates have a long record of providing forensic speech and audio services.

Client feedback

We have received the following recommendations for our services through the NCA (previously SOCA) expert adviser feedback system:

When the expert gave evidence in the court room they put their evidence to the Judge and Jury in a professional manner and were able to explain their evidence in such a way that anyone could understand what they and their colleagues did.  Both the prosecution and defence barristers were extremely impressed by the evidence provided by J P French Associates even to the extent that the defence barrister decided not to call his expert.  The staff were extremely helpful throughout and provided an excellent service and the evidence they produced assisted the case greatly which resulted in a successful prosecution.  Should the need arise again for this type of analysis my first point of contact would undoubtedly be J P French Associates and would highly recommend them to any colleagues.”

“The evidence gleaned from these phone calls has undoubtedly strengthened both prosecution cases. The Adviser’s work has been of a very high standard, the statements of evidence are precise and very easy to follow.  I would have no hesitation in recommending J P French to other officers.  A very helpful and professional service with a good back up team, their work is to a very high standard.”

“The majority of the evidence in the case comprised of the recorded conversations between the defendants. J P French Associates were instructed to conduct voice analysis on behalf of the prosecution.  The analysis was prioritised and the results produced within very limited time-frames.  Close liaison was maintained by J P French Associates with the enquiry team. The integrity of their procedures was second to none.  The examinations revealed sections of crucial evidence that had been inaudible to the investigation team.  There is no doubt that the results of the analysis undertaken by J P French Associates significantly contributed to the early guilty pleas by four of the five defendants.  I would have no hesitation in recommending J P French Associates.”

“They provided an excellent service which was professional and timely. I would certainly utilise the skills and expertise of J P French should the need arise in the future.”

“The expert’s evidence was well presented. Their answers were clear. Their explanations were concise and readily understandable. They remained calm throughout. They were fair and balanced. Although I have been asked to comment on the evidence presentation, in fact I was most impressed by their co-operative manner in responding at court to queries raised by defence counsel and agreeing without demur to stay over night to give evidence about them.”

“The expert has, through voice analysis, been successful in identifying two men who are the central characters in each offence. The evidence gleaned from these phone calls has undoubtedly strengthened both prosecution cases. It has to be said that prior to their work, that the evidence against both suspects was relatively weak.  The Adviser’s work has been of a very high standard, the statements of evidence are precise and very easy to follow. The integrity of evidence (exhibits) used in both cases was excellent.  I would have no hesitation in recommending JP French to other officers.”

“This company provided expert advice and maintained excellent contact throughout the investigative query.  Once commenced it flowed very professionally. Highly recommended despite a negative outcome.”


We have also been given the following commendations:

Certificate of appreciation – GMP CTU – In relation to R -v- Ahmed & Ahmed, convicted for Directing and Membership of Al Qaeda

Comments by Mr Justice Wilkie in relation to R -v- Chowdury & Others:

I have already expressed … my gratitude for the efforts of counsel in this case in the presence of the jury.  Dealing with a vast amount of material and dealing with it effectively and expeditiously so that this trial, which was scheduled to run for some five months, has in fact lasted very substantially less. Behind that mass of material plainly there was work of investigation, monitoring and working the output of that monitoring of a huge number of police officers and Security Service personnel, as well as the sterling work done by Professor French and his team of experts and expert transcribers. There cannot be high enough praise for the work that each of these elements in putting this huge case together and making it manageable and accessible have managed to achieve in the time-frame of just over one year which, in the context of these cases, is a remarkable short period of time.

State of Florida -v- Zimmerman

Our evidence was key in the Frye pre-trial hearing in the case of State of Florida v George Zimmerman.  The Judge’s ruling in the case stated:

Defense witness Dr. French, regarded as an international expert in the field of forensic speech analysis, has worked in the field since the late 1980’s. The Court found the testimony of Dr. French to be the most compelling of the witnesses presented.