Technology is key to our service.  We are the only private forensic speech and audio laboratory in the UK to have access to the technologies listed below.  We don’t just use technology, we design and test of a number of advanced speech and audio analysis systems specifically for use in casework.

Automatic Speaker Recognition systems (voice biometrics)

J P French Associates has been developing and testing automatic and semi-automatic speaker recognition systems (or ASRs) to form part of our speaker comparison analyses.  These biometric speech systems, designed specifically for use in forensic cases, can be used to compare multiple suspect voices.

Electrical Network Frequency Analysis

The ‘hum’ from the electrical supply is often picked up by recording devices and we can use this to authenticate recordings and determine the precise time and date that recordings were made.  We have used ENF analysis in cases to provide evidence, with very high levels of certainty, on whether recordings have been edited or tampered with.  This technique has also be used to verify the time and date at which a recording was made.  This requires a historical database of the random fluctuations of the frequency of the mains electricity from the UK national grid, and we are the only private forensic service provider with such a database.

Microscopic Cassette Tape examination (MOA-KOF)

We are the only independent UK forensic laboratory to use the MOA-KOF device which employs ferro-garnet crystals to visualise magnetic features without destroying the tape.  This enables us to determine whether analogue tapes have been edited and to establish whether they have been made on a particular recorder.


We use a number of specialist software packages in our analyses.  Many of these have been modified for forensic purposes by our expert staff and only we have access to these tools.


We use professional grade audio hardware in examinations and in our experimental reconstructions.