J P French Associates are specialists in the forensic analysis of voices, sound and audio recordings.  As the UK’s only independent forensic laboratory with expertise across the entire speech and acoustics domains, we are able to deliver a comprehensive range of services involving a wide range of languages. Although we principally work for UK clients, JPFA experts have provided key evidence all over the world.  We are able to do this by recruiting and training consultants for forensic work across a range of languages and dialects. All of our staff are experts in their field and aim to provide the highest level of service.  Our senior scientific staff are expert witnesses with many years’ experience in producing reports and presenting evidence from the witness box.  Providing an integrated package saves our clients time and makes our services cost-effective.


Our aim is to provide the highest-quality forensic evidence concerning speech and audio recordings.

In order to do this, we will:

  • focus on our duties as experts within the wider justice system
  • never compromise on our impartiality or the quality of our work
  • subject each case to a robust, independent checking process
  • meet deadlines and work cost-effectively
  • ensure the security, confidentiality and continuity of material in our care
  • recruit highly qualified staff and invest in their development
  • monitor and improve how we operate to maintain high-quality standards
  • continue to work at the forefront of teaching and research in the field through partnership with the University of York and other organisations